Gizmodo Feature 

photo of a traveler using Compass H2O's Ephemeral Wayfinding to experience a place without the fuss of handheld devices and overly detailed maps

Compass H2O Medium Rez1 1600 x 1067

Compass H2O: ephemeral wayfinding

Our lives are dominated by the relentless need to get From Point A to Point B. It’s necessary in a fast-paced, deadline-driven world. But it’s both unhealthy and unsatisfying to never stop and smell the roses.

Ephemeral Wayfinding is an invitation to wander, to linger, to loiter, to be a 21st century flâneur.

Compass H2O is a wrist worn compass that enables you to experience a place with another person: More: Team Bios & Hirez Images >>