The Presentations!

Bottles of Compass H2O Water

Compass H2O Water!

And then everyone came and looked!

The Judges

The Presentations


3 States of Being: Plugged. Unplugged. Asleep.


Connect with kids with autism.

Compass H20

Wearable GPS that senses your hydration level & leads to water

Signal Obscura

Privacy Neckwear

Attentive Attire

Social Justice. Child Abduction.

Superhero Extreme

Fun roleplaying meets child education

Judges Deliberate!


  1. Emoty
  2. States of Being
  3. Compass H2O

And then an amazing weekend was done.
Thank you so much everyone!

Oh… but wait… it’s not over!
Compass H2O’s 3rd place finish means we present at WearableTechLA on Thursday, July 17!

See the next post for where that might go! 🙂

Syuzi & others on the roof of MDP at Art Center Wind Tunnel

Syuzi, Judges & Participants. Thank you all so much! Bye for now…