Why is it called Compass H2O?

We’ve agreed to keep the name Compass H2O (and not take on an entire rebranding) even though our use case has evolved. We’ve also agreed not to confuse our brief presentation with talk of hydration sensors. But someone might still ask, Why is it called Compass H2O? Here’s a possible response, see what you think…

2 reasons: one metaphorical, and one technical. Metaphorically we like the idea that water is life, and also the strength of hydrogen bonds. Whether it’s a bond to the larger culture, like an Andy Warhol walking tour, or a personal bond, like walking with your grandmother.

Technically, we didn’t want to confuse our presentation with too many different details, but Compass H2O also includes a hydration sensor, we’re currently thinking of the MC10. Unlike pulse, where it’s pretty easy to know when it’s elevated, it’s hard to know you’re dehydrated. And even if you feel thirsty, people often don’t drink enough water. If you’re going to be walking around New York, Shanghai, or any other city, it’s very easy to get dehydrated, so Compass H2O will alert you when you need water.