Emotional Compass

Art is Open Source.net / an Emotional Compass: new ideas for wayfinding in cities

An Emotional Compass from salvatore iaconesi on Vimeo.

An emotional compass.
A public visualization of the emotions expressed in the city through the real-time participation of its citizens using major social networks drives a smartphone application, allowing for a novel way to experience the city.
The compass captures city dwellers' expressions on social networks to understand their emotions and the places they have been expressed in. The emotions are used to allow the user to navigate the city using a geography which is not made by streets, buildings and landmarks, and is constructed by people's emotions, as they appear in the city.
How is an emotional city experienced? Where are specific emotions expressed? Is there a such thing as an emotional landmark, a place in which a certain emotion is expressed with particular strength/recurrence by the different communities of the city?
In which direction do I have to go to find the places in which people have experienced joy, anger, boredom, surprise.
An real-time, emergent, emotional, human geography of cities.
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