MC10 Skin Sensor / Intel Quark Processor

Here’s a Sept 2013 video Joseph found where Intel CEO Brian Krzanich announces the Quark processor. At 2:30 he talks about wearables. At 4:30 another speaker, a not identified woman, (anybody know who she is?) talks about a wrist-worn sensor, and at 5:00 she talks about the MC10 “Band-Aid” Skin Sensor we looked at during our research at MDP on Saturday, June 28. We had a hard time telling if the MC10 was available or not, but in the video she states that it’s still in development.

In the USA Today video below, from April 2013, Jennifer Jolly wears the MC10 Biostamp and says it “hits the market in 2014.” Jolly also says from 2013 to 2016 wearable products will increase from 14 million to 200 million, and that everybody is competing for your wrist – giving more fuel to Anne Burdick & the judges feeling that thinking beyond the wrist could be in our interest.

photo of MC10 Biostamp on a wrist

MC10 Biostamp