Thank You!

Samy Kamkar, Meg Grant & Syuzi Pakchyan in conversation on Sunday morning at Extreme Wearable Designathon at Media Design Practices, Art Center, South Campus, Wind Tunnel

Samy Kamkar, Meg Grant & Syuzi Pakchyan

Team Compass H2O wants to give a big thank you to the many individuals and organizations that made our project experience possible.

Thank you to the Media Design Practices (MDP) program at Art Center & Intel for their sponsorship. Thank you to the very helpful experts who worked with us and to all the judges.

And a special thank you to our host and mentor Syuzi Pakchyan. Syuzi spent every minute of this long weekend with us and always had the brightest of spirits and the most helpful of insights. It is humbling to spend time with someone so smart and yet so patient, generous and helpful.