Art Center Saturday July 12

Compass H2O team from Art Center College of Design / Media Design Practices's Extreme Wearables Designathon, working on their Phase 2 presentation for WearableTechLA

Joseph Kan, Glenn Zucman, Susan Zhang & Vivia Liu. Photo by Sharon Gong.

Susan, Vivia, Joseph, Sharon & I metup in the Art Center College of Design (main campus) Cafatera from about noon-6p today to work on our presentation for WearableTechLA on Thursday. We weren’t able to reconsider our hardware solution, but we did take the opportunity to consider the Extreme Wearable Designathon Judge’s advice to move past the Find Water use case, and think more about Wayfinding.

We developed an Ephemeral Wayfinding scenario and created presentation slides. I got to live out my lifelong dream of being a Wearable Tech Hand Model! Here are some images from our day: