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Black-and-white photo of Stonehenge at night with various figures meandering about

Whether you’re looking for a place here on earth, or up in the heavens, Stonehenge cannot begin to compete with Google Maps. Yet for all it’s technical superiority, most people would not describe the experience of using Google Maps as a profound spiritual experience, while Stonehenge has been providing exactly that for the last 5,000 years.

Photo of 2 women in Dublin sharing a hug and a beer

If you want A Tourist’s Guide to Dublin, you probably don’t want a copy of James Joyce’s Ulysses. Yet it’s hard to imagine any tourist’s guide offering as compelling a Dublin experience as spending a day walking in the footprints of Leopold Bloom.

Black-and-white photo of New York City in the rain with the superimposed text "Compass H2O: Ephemeral Wayfinding"

Our lives are dominated by the rush to get from Point “A” to Point “B”. Gotta get to work! Gotta pick up the kids! Shouldn’t at least a small part of our lives be spent savoring the journey?

Ephemeral Wayfinding is an invitation to wander, to meander, to loiter, to be a 21st century flâneur. You might wander with the famous, like Andy Warhol’s walking tour of New York city…

Photo of a woman in front of a vintage Shanghai building with a classical facade. The woman has a bob haircut and holds a Holga camera. Superimposed text reads: "Compass H2O: Ephemeral Wayfinding"

… or the deeply personal, like making a 1st trip to Shanghai and experiencing the streets of the city not quite as a tourist, but walking Shanghai with your grandmother when she was young.

Creative Commons Flickr Images:
• Taro Taylor / Summer Solstice at Stonehenge
• Neurosunero / Bloomsday 2011
• Tony Fischer / Rain on Broadway, SOHO, New York City, b/w
• Zephyrance Lou / 31A